I have a white rose to tend
In July as in January;
I give it to the true friend
Who offers his frank hand to me.
And for the cruel one whose blows
Break the heart by which I live,
Thistle nor thorn do I give:
For him, too, I have a white rose.
                -Jose Marti


1. What do you think the "White Rose" symbolises? Why do you think this?

2. What kind of person do you think Jose Marti is based on this poem?

3. How do you think this poem relates to Jose Marti's life?


Dana Diaz
11/13/2009 11:21

Question 2:
Based on this poem, I would come to the conclusion that Marti is a nice and forgiving man because the poem talks about how he would give a white rose to a true friend, and also give one to a cruel person. This shows that he isn't mean because instead of giving his enemy a thorn, he gave him a rose too.

Hannah Freitag
11/13/2009 11:56

Q 1.
I think that in this poem the rose represents both forgiveness as well as friendship. In the first circumstance, he is giving it to a friend as a symbol to show that he will always be there for him. In the second part, he is giving it to a person that has been cruel to him, showing that he is forgiving them for whatever wrong they have done and that he will be there for them also.

I agree with your answer and think that Marti is nice and forgiving.

Dana Diaz
11/13/2009 12:01

Response to Hannah:

I agree with your idea that this poem also represents friendship.

Lenstine Pak
11/13/2009 15:41

Question 3:
I think this poem relates Jose's life as saying that he had many close freinds but he also had enemies.

Lenstine Pak
11/13/2009 15:43

I agree that he was a kind man and forgiving of his enemies.

Nice way to put the representation of the rose

Kiera Brunson
11/13/2009 16:20

I think the white rose symbolizes a honest and kind friend. I think this because it says in the poem, "Who offers his frank hand to me" this is saying that the person is trusting me so I should trust me.

I agree with Lenstine but I think it may be a little deeper than that I think that he had a good friend who he trusted completly and then they hurt them really really badly.

I agree with Diana because she believes that he is very forgiving I think this is true because he still cares for the ones who have hurt him.

Raziel Tolentino
11/13/2009 17:11

1. i think that the white rose symbolises a person
2. I think that Jose Marti is a person who doesnt really give a care to what people think.

11/13/2009 17:13

question 1;
I think the white rose symoblizes his life or his heart. So by saying he has no throne he is saying that he has to struggle for what he does and he entrusts his life with his friends.

at kiera;
I agree, maybe the rose might symbolize that also.

at dana;
I agree but i also think that maybe he is struggling also.

Raziel Tolentino
11/13/2009 17:17

i agree with Lenstin that he didnt seem to have many friends....

Geoffrey Schwichtenberg
11/13/2009 17:48

I think that the white rose could symbolize the act of being civil, because it would show the acts to his friends and enemies.

@Hannah I like your idea, you took the idea deep and showed a symbolic idea

Geoffrey Schwichtenberg
11/13/2009 17:58

I like how you took the obvious road about how he had friends and enemies, because not many people have those...(sarcasm)

Uma Trivede
11/13/2009 18:29

Question 1

I think the white rose represents a good person/friend that is nice and kind hearted with an open mind. I think the white rose represents that because the poem mentions how he has the white rose to offer to a true friend any time (July as in January)and I think that this would be an open minded person because the poem mentions the person has a white rose to give to even the cruel.

Response to Kiera
I agree that the white rose might symbolize a honest and trustworthy friend.
Response to Lenstine
I agree to how this poem might indicate that the poet had friends and enemies because the poem talked about what he had to offer to his friends and the cruel which might have been his enemies.

11/13/2009 18:31

I think that the kind of person that Jose is refering to is his ex and present girlfriend, because ex's do have a tendency to "Break the heart by which I live" and girlfriends do "Offer their frank hand to them"

11/13/2009 18:32

Sorry, I fogot to post that I was answering question two

Dana Diaz`
11/13/2009 18:53

Response to Christine:

I agree that the white rose might represent his life or his heart. I don't think it represents a person, like other people think, because he says he gives a white rose to people in the poem and he wouldn't give a person to a person.

Amelia Burger
11/13/2009 18:56

Question 1:

I think the rose might symbolize trust or maybe forgiveness. The rose might symbolize trust because you give trust to a true friend. You let them know that you trust them. As for the cruel one you might give them your trust even though they are cruel and might not be trustworthy. By giving them your trust you might cause them to value knowing you trust them and that might prevent them from doing something that's not trustworthy in the future. It might make more sense if the rose symbolizes forgiveness because you let your true friends know you will forgive them if they do something wrong and you forgive the cruel people even if they do something wrong because they deserve a second chance.

That's really similar to what I thought and I also think the rose could represent friendship too.

I agree that Marti is nice and forgiving. I also think he might be the type of person who tries to see the best in people. That's why he gave the cruel person a rose too.

Nathan Butschli
11/13/2009 19:10

Because of European missionaris, convertin Sout/Central Americans to Cristianity, most South/Central Americans are Cristian. I think the kind
of person Marti represents is either a stong Cristian or Crist himself because of the Cristian idea of loving you neighbors, and your enemies as you love yourself.

@ Amelia
I agree with you idea of the rose meaning trust or forgivness.

@ Lenstine
I agree, Marti probably did have alot of enemies and friends.

Jeannette Yu
11/13/2009 19:20

Question 2: I think this poem kind of describes Marti's life style/personality. To me, the white rose symbolises forgiveness, purity, and like a hand in friendship. When put into context, that shows that Marti is a very forgiving soul, offering it even to the ones that've hurt him. Also the fact that he does this in july as in january shows that he always forgives, always accepts kindness and gives it. Marti was a very faithful, kind, benevolent guy.

@Nathan- Ah, exactly where I was coming from. This sort of kindness and forgiveness seems like the kind that is preached in christian communities. Forgive other people's sins and believe there is always a chance for redemption. Of course, then that makes me wonder how this would go in a different interpretation instead of kindness and forgiveness...

@Amelia- interesting with the trust. To me, it doesn't make much sense in any way to give trust to the ones that hurt you, but it kind of fits with Marti's kindness I guess. it's weird, but as much as forgiveness and trust fits, it's mostly for only one person. Kindness seems to fit the best, however simple it is. But trust really does open a lot more interpretations...

Sierra Wollen
11/13/2009 20:30

Question 1.

I think the White Rose could just symbolize kindness and civilness. He is saying that he gives kindness to both his enemies and his friends, which makes him a very civil person.

@Jeanette; I agree.

@Nathan; I agree with that too.

Robbie Nack
11/13/2009 20:32

Robbie Nack
11/13/2009 20:37

lol woops. Anyways....

#2 i think that Marti is a generious and kind person, because he not only gives the rose to his friends, he gives it to his enemies, proving that he is kind. He shows he is also forgiving, becuase he hands the rose to the people that broke his heart! so sad. I really think this poem has deep meaning cuz its explaining how he feels about life, and he is just one of the many people in the world that makes it better.


Amy Yang
11/13/2009 21:35

In this poem I think the white rose symbolizes frienship, forgivness and life lessons because the author descirbes the rose saying he tends to it in July as in January, that's just like a friendship no matter what you always have a friend. Anf forgivness because he says there "And for the cruel one whose blows
Break the heart by which I live,
Thistle nor thorn do I give:" so he doesn't do anything back he just forgives them and that kind of goes with life lessons, cause everyday your learning something new and one can be learning how to forgvie and move on.

Response to Uma:

Interesting thought I had the same basic idea that it was afriend, but I never thought of it being as an 'open minded' friend. Good thought.

Amy Yang
11/13/2009 21:36

Sorry i forgot to mention above iw as answering question 1

Matt Martin
11/13/2009 22:19


I think that the rose could symbolize peace because Marti offers it to both his friends and enimies, kind of like he doesn't want enimies so he tries to be on good terms with everyone.

@Lenstine I agree about Marti having lots of enimies and friends

@Amelia I agree with your interprestation of what the rose means

Sandra Nguyen
11/14/2009 15:05


I think the white rose means trust,love, or something along the line of friendship.

Christine: I like your response to the question.

Amy Yang: I agree with your answer.

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